A Miraculous 24 Hours

This post is going to be unlike my usual content. But I want to document what God did in and through me throughout the course of 24-hour period, as well as share it with you all. Glory be to God.

It started at about 5:30am in the Prayer room on Thursday, August 12th. During the 4-6am Intersession set, there is typically a time of prayer for healing where people stand and others are encouraged to pray for them. On this day, I got up to pray for my friend. By the time I got to him, he was surrounded by a bunch of men, so I decided to pray to the person closest to me. It was a woman. I joined two other ladies in surrounding her while she explained she had bad neck pain. She looked uncomfortable and stiff. We each took turn praying. While praying, I felt deep inside me that God was going to heal her. I haven’t felt anything like that before, but I believed He would. After the last lady prayed and said amen, she moved her head forward, back, and all around, and then she said, “Guys, I think I’m healed.”

I felt like yelling and running and leaping. God just healed this woman in front of my eyes! I cried and worshiped the Lord loudly. I’d seen a miracle from the Lord Most High.

When I woke up in the afternoon, (I’m on a third shift schedule here) I went to breakfast with a friend. She gave me comfort and advice in the Lord. I was just so blessed by that time with her. Then I went to a party for the interns and after a dumb good worship session, we had small group prayer. During that time I heard from two different people that God would reveal Himself through His Word. This was the third time I had heard that this week, (another person had mentioned it a few days earlier) and I knew that this was something important the Lord wanted me to grasp and live out. Yay for revelation!

After the party. we were running late to class. I was rushing into the entrance when I heard a loud BOOM. I turned around and a woman screamed, “Call 9-1-1! Call 9-1-1!” I dialed and started running. A car had flipped over and hit a lamp post. The lamp post was laying in the road and the car was stuck with the tires in the air. Others pulled over to help, but I could see the person in the driver’s seat, unconscious. The phone said, “all of our operators are currently helping others, please hang on the line.” I started screaming, “Jesus, save her!” over and over again. Then I started speaking in tongues. I went back and forth between crying the name of Jesus and speaking in tongues. After what felt like forever, an operator answered. I told them what happened and where we were. She said the emergency services were on their way. I continued crying out to Jesus and speaking in tongues when the operator said, “Umm… would you feel more comfortable talking to an EMT???”

Before the EMTs and police arrived, the woman in the upside down car started moving and some men broke open her car window and were able to get her out. She stood up and walked over to the gas station next door. They gave her a chair and a bottle of water… She was completely fine, with only a few scratches. ONLY A FEW SCRATCHES. I had to go to class after briefly talking with a police officer, and I have to say it was hard to focus after witnessing yet another miracle.

After class (which was really good btw), I ate dinner and then went to the Prayer Room. I was on the 4-6am set. Briefing was good and encouraging, so then we got on stage. I’ve been experiencing a lot of self doubt and insecurity during worship sets. I’ve been having a lot of negative thoughts that are definitely from the accuser. But I decided to stay in it and press in to the Holy Spirit. Someone came up to the mic and prayed for healing, and I felt the Spirit stirring inside of me.

At IHOP, there’s something called an oracle in worship. It’s when you’re on stage, and the Lord gives you a burning message to sing out. When the man started praying for healing and I felt the Spirit moving, I told him that I wouldn’t sing out/move/do an oracle unless it was prompted by him. That’s when I felt a like burning butterflies rising up from my stomach towards my throat. Suddenly I knew that I had to sing an oracle from the Lord.

I lifted my bible to signal the worship leader, we sang a chorus, and I did it! I sang what the Spirit had put on my heart for healing.

Immediately after, I felt bad about myself. Then my worship team turned around and encouraged me and I felt so much better. Other people after the set affirmed me to, thanking me for following the Lord. I left the Prayer Room thankful that God still speaks to me and uses me.

The next day when I told my mom about everything, she reminded me that a few days before I kept saying that I wished God would use me. Boy, did he answer that prayer!

So that was my incredible 24-hours where God moved powerfully in and through me. May you be encouraged and strengthened through this testimony. The Lord God Almighty not only still moves today, but He loves you. He created you. He wants a relationship with you. He wants to do incredible things through you! If you’re someone who has never really had a relationship with God or has questioned whether or not he’s real, I encourage you to spend 5 minutes in prayer today. Pray and ask God to speak to you, to reveal himself to you, or to give you a sign. He is a good and faithful Father, He will move and speak to you.

Grace and Peace to you all. In Faith, Claudia ✞





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