Hindsight is 2020

“I’m so thankful God didn’t give me what I prayed for. “

Last year was unlike anything most of us have seen in our lifetime. I think that most of us learned a great deal about ourselves and who we really are deep down. If there’s anything I’ve realized after looking back on the last year, it’s this: I’m so thankful that God didn’t give me what I prayed for.

John 13:7 – “You don’t understand now what I am doing, but someday you will.”

I always looked up this verse for comfort when my faith was running low. I would read it over and over again, hoping after the 100th time I would believe it. Truth be told, I never understood this verse to mean that we’d understand in this life. I thought I wouldn’t understand until I got to heaven. I thought that there, He would explain to me all the whys. That after my life, he would connect the dots and I would finally make sense of the life I had lived. During this last year, I prayed for a lot of things, but I prayed especially hard for one specific thing.

That one thing was what I really, really wanted. I thought that if God said yes to this prayer request, that all my dreams would come true. I prayed and prayed, with no clear answer- no yes or no. I was frustrated, I thought God wanted me to keep seeking, keep knocking, etc like it says in Matthew.

But now I sit here, early into 2021, and I fully understand why God didn’t give me what I prayed for. The thing I wanted would have ruined my life and I see that now. “Hindsight is 2020”, but that phrase applies so well, it’s uncanny. The full magnitude of what He saved me from is nearly unfathomable. I’m so thankful God didn’t give me what I prayed for.

If you keep praying for something and you’re not hearing from the Lord, don’t despair. Keep pursuing Him. Your relationship with Christ should be the most fundamental part of your identity and your life. If you heard back “no” from God, don’t walk away from Him. You might not have a crystal clear revelation like I’ve had, but you can trust our Maker. He is for you.

Psalm 118:6 – “The Lord is for me; I will not fear; What can man do to me?”

This blog is going to soon become more than just testimonies about the Lord, but rest assured knowing that I will never stop sharing his Goodness and the testimonies of what He’s doing in my life. Be encouraged, God has your future in his hands.

This blog will soon include fashion articles, skincare, and more, but rest assured I will never stop sharing content related to my faith and sharing the testimonies of what God is doing in my life.

Grace and Peace to you all. ✞







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