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  • A Miraculous 24 Hours

    A Miraculous 24 Hours

    This post is going to be unlike my usual content. But I want to document what God did in and through me throughout the course of 24-hour period, as well as share it with you all. Glory be to God. It started at about 5:30am in the Prayer room on Thursday, August 12th. During the…

  • Hindsight is 2020

    Hindsight is 2020

    “I’m so thankful God didn’t give me what I prayed for. “ Last year was unlike anything most of us have seen in our lifetime. I think that most of us learned a great deal about ourselves and who we really are deep down. If there’s anything I’ve realized after looking back on the last…

  • I want to know Christ

    I want to know Christ

    I’ve read the bible for 100 days straight after deciding that I want to know Christ.

  • What will you give up?

    What will you give up?

    I’m in a season in my life where there’s only one thing I want more than anything in the world. If you know me, you can easily guess what that is, and you know how hard I’ve been praying for it. I constantly find myself negotiating with God, telling him all the things I would…

  • Walking with His Purpose

    Walking with His Purpose

    Hi guys, I’m back and my fingers are ready to blog. So, I’m going to be really vulnerable with you all today and tell you about what God’s doing in my life. Here we go: Lately, I’ve felt like an awful Christian. I respect who God is and appreciate what he’s done for me, and…

  • Speaking When Spoken To

    Speaking When Spoken To

    Friends, I’ve got some questions for you: How often does God speak to you? Are you in tune to the voice of God? Everyone hears the voice of God differently, but how do you respond when you’re spoken to? These past few weeks, I’ve been struggling a lot with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, but God…

  • #TheLifeOfChristMatters


    I am someone who avoids controversial topics like the plague because friction makes me uncomfortable and I want everyone to get along and be friends. However, the Lord has called us to engage conflict in order to grow, as well as do uncomfortable things in order to kill our flesh and glorify his name from…

  • Fear vs Faith: Taking the Leap

    Fear vs Faith: Taking the Leap

    Friends, We all struggle with something we’re afraid of, be it as small as a spider or as big as a purpose in life. But recently I realized that I have been living my life in fear. I’m going to college because I’m afraid I wouldn’t get a decent job without a degree. I’m afraid…

  • Trusting God When It’s Hard

    Trusting God When It’s Hard

    Friends, This is tough. We all know that life is hard, (ever since the fall of creation, we knew that our lives would not be as simple as smelling daisies in the garden of Eden) but did God really have to make it this difficult? We all have our struggles. Maybe someone you know is…

  • Actively Waiting, Not Passively Sulking

    Actively Waiting, Not Passively Sulking

    At this point in my life, I feel like all I do is wait. I’m waiting to finish college, waiting to find a boyfriend, get married, have kids, have a job I really love… Just waiting. And sometimes, I just sit back like an observer, watching my life unfold- disconnected and detached because I’m tired…

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