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  • A Broken Heart for the Lost

    Friends, I don’t know why God wants me to write this, or what you might gain from reading this, but I want to be obedient in doing what he asks of me. Here we go: So you know in the song “Hosanna (In the Highest)” where the bridge says “break my heart for what breaks yours”? Well, that […]

  • I Have A Dream…

    No, really. Around two weeks ago, I was at a Wednesday night prayer meeting at church and I can’t remember what we we’re talking or praying about, but I asked God, “God, give me dreams. Big dreams. Not small dreams like to get married, or have kids, or graduate college, but to have BIG dreams […]

  • Valentine Pending

    Friends, I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing. I’ve been going through a lot, but through it all God has still been faithful, still providing, still loving and wonderful as ever. Speaking of which… Valentine’s Day is on Sunday and we all know it. We’ve seen the stores transform entire sections into red and pink, […]

  • Insignificant to Us, Key to His Plan

    Hi friends, First off, I wanted to apologize and publically repent for not posting more often. God has been doing things in my life within the last month and he told me to write multiple passages on this blog, and I just didn’t do it. I know God has a plan for this blog, as simple […]

  • Failing God Today, Redemption Tomorrow

    Guys, what I’m about to share is hard to say. No one likes to admit their sins, their struggles, their failures. But I’m about to do it. So here we go. But first, here’s a little backstory: As some of you might know, I’m an actress. I’ve been performing since I was seven and have […]

  • Faith in the Future

    Today, one of my best friends got engaged. She is going to marry the man of her dreams and I’m so happy for her. In our society, every little girl dreams about her wedding one day. The white dress, the hair, the makeup, the man– and the beginning of a new life with the man […]

  • God Provides When We Trust Him

    How many of us say that we trust God, but really mean it? How much are you willing to sacrifice, give up, or lose? Last Thursday, I put in my two weeks at my job as part of being obedient to the lord, as well as for my mental health. My job was stressful, it […]

  • A Call to Come and Blog

    Hi everyone, The other day, God was really working in me the other day, and I think he put it on my heart to start a blog. I don’t know if this will be successful or if I will just use it to keep track of what he’s doing in my life, but I’m willing […]

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