I Have A Dream…

No, really. Around two weeks ago, I was at a Wednesday night prayer meeting at church and I can’t remember what we we’re talking or praying about, but I asked God, “God, give me dreams. Big dreams. Not small dreams like to get married, or have kids, or graduate college, but to have BIG dreams that only you can make come true. Help me dream.”

Well, as someone who is more of a realist than I dreamer, I didn’t realize what I was asking. But then this last week, I was talking with my  mom about how I see some of my friends who have made jobs/livings out of the creative thing that God has put in them, and how I want a life like that- a job where I’m doing what I was meant to do, and by doing so, it glorifies God. And then- BOOM- there it was. My dream was revealed.

Now, this dream is something that I honestly feel like God has given me. A lot of people won’t agree with it, won’t see how it could even work, etc., but this could be a plan that God has for my life or this could be him just giving me a taste of what it’s like to dream. So here it is:

My new dream is once I graduate from college with a degree in Journalism (with an emphasis in visual arts), that I’ll buy a van or somehow be able to travel all over the United States and interview women who at one point were going to abort their baby– but didn’t. I want to ask each woman about when she found out about being pregnant, how she felt, why she wanted to abort, why she didn’t, and then if she regrets not aborting her child. And I want to take pictures of every single child that wasn’t aborted, and show readers that if they’re contemplating abortion what kind of beautiful child they could give life to.

I can’t imagine any mother looking into her child’s eyes and saying, “I wish I would have aborted you”. If I find one during these interviews… well I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. But I would name the book something like, “I Don’t Regret My Choice” or “Psalm 139:13″… it’s all a work-in-progress, really.

So that’s it. To me, it sounds beautiful…but also nuts. There are so many questions I have about how it would work, where I would find the mothers, etc., but god keeps reminding me to trust him:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.”

When I trust God’s plans and the dreams he’s given me, it brings glory to his name and stores up my riches in heaven. What more could a girl want?

Do you have any dreams? Pray about it, prepare your heart, and get excited for the plans God has for you. Trust him and watch your life bloom. ✞







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