Insignificant to Us, Key to His Plan

Hi friends,

First off, I wanted to apologize and publically repent for not posting more often. God has been doing things in my life within the last month and he told me to write multiple passages on this blog, and I just didn’t do it. I know God has a plan for this blog, as simple as it may seem, so I wanted to say that I’m sorry, and will try to do better.

Here are a few things that the LORD is doing in my life:

He has revealed to me that when we pray and pray and pray to make something happen, it does, and then it doesn’t make us as happy as we thought- that’s God showing us that he lets opportunities happen, but they might not be the thing we need. He does this to show us his worth, that he will satisfy us more than any other thing, person, or event.

For me, this has been being a part of a musical I’m currently rehearsing for. I practically told God that I was doing it, or that I was planning my life around this event. God graciously allowed me to be cast, but now, I feel empty at rehearsal. I used to feel good about myself at the end of the night, like I was talented and important. Now, at the end of a rehearsal I feel like a bad dancer, inadequate singer, and worthless person. Theatre just doesn’t bring me joy or satisfy me anymore like it used to– and that’s Jesus doing a work in my life.

The other thing God has recently been doing is using conversations to open the door to speak about him. Seems insignificant, right? Wrong. I’ve often heard this referred to as planting seeds, and my gosh, does God like to use me to do so. He’s training me up to see the opportunities or open doors in conversations to talk about His goodness, faithfulness, and overflowing love. I was at coffee with some friends from high school, and we were talking about all sorts of things. Then he said, “This is a random question, but do you guys plan to raise your kids believing in a certain religion?”

That was it. I knew God was calling me to talk about him and how desperately I want my kids to know the Lord. And of course I was passionate and shaky and excited, but I laid it all out for them. They already know about my faith, but this conversation was just another seed planted in them.

Luke 9:6

So they set out and went from village to village, proclaiming the good news and healing people everywhere.”

I want my conversations to have that effect, spreading like wildfire and healing peoples’ hearts. If we as Christians keep planting seeds when God brings us the opportunity, and watering them with his love, God’s Kingdom will flourish like a garden. Remember: no thing is too insignificant for our Heavenly Father. ✞








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