God Provides When We Trust Him

How many of us say that we trust God, but really mean it? How much are you willing to sacrifice, give up, or lose?

Last Thursday, I put in my two weeks at my job as part of being obedient to the lord, as well as for my mental health. My job was stressful, it kept me up at night, and consumed my thoughts during school and even church… put I made insanely good money. Now I understand that the world might look at my situation and say, “You just need to try harder, or care less about work,” or maybe even “Don’t quit your job if you don’t have another lined up, you’re making good money, suck it up.” But God put it on my heart that I no longer needed to stay there, and I was so relieved that I put in my two weeks at the end of the week.

Now, if I’m to be completely honest, I have definitely thought about the financial aspect of things, but I am constantly reminded of all the times God came through for me financially. When I was interested in going to Honduras, I told the Lord that I would go, but he would have to provide the money for me to get there, because there was no way that I would be able to come up with the money to go, but that I was willing to go where he sends me– he would just have to make a way. And you know what? He did. Given, I did do some fun raising, I did a lot of praying, but God came through, and I was able to love up and speak to God’s children in Honduras. The same goes for when I wanted to study abroad in Germany for two weeks. I said, “God, this is a great opportunity, please make a way for me,” and I ended up getting a check to cover $2100 of the cost, and only had to pay $300 out-of-pocket to go.

The same goes for me today. I’ve had a lot of car troubles which equals lots of money, but God has been providing for me, through anonymous donors, finding money in my car or purse, or through extra hours at the pretzel shop. I feel so abundantly blessed, loved, and cared for. Without him, I am nothing. I place all I am in him.

Philippians 4:19 – “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in the glory of Jesus Christ”.

Darlings, look to the Lord and have faith in him. Take the leap, tithe more when it’s hard, quit your job if that’s where the spirit leads you. I’m in no way saying it’s easy, but I’m saying you will be blessed ten-fold, your riches will be stored up in heaven, and your obedience to His leading will be an example for others to see, you will plant seeds for other people, and finally, you will shine his light ✞






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