A bit about me. My name is Claudia, and sometimes my friends call me Claude. I live in Appleton, WI and I’ve lived here the majority of my life. 



My relationship with Christ has literally been my foundation. I got saved and baptized at the ripe, young age of 10 and really never looked back. Growing up in the church, I learned not only right and wrong, but also how to trust and follow the Lord. My parents went on multiple missions trips to Rwanda before I got to high school, which meant I was immersed in the process of fundraising, praying for provision, and living out God’s calling through watching my parents. When I went to college, my faith began to slip to the back burner because of the many worldly things fighting for my attention. After experiencing trauma my freshman year, once again God became the only thing that got me through the day-to-day. A few years later I became the intern at my church, Wellspring at the Cross, where I learned the ins and outs of running a church and working in ministry. I was hooked. I knew from that internship on that if God called me to a life in ministry, I wanted it- all of it. Since being an intern at church, I’ve grown in the areas of leading worship, serving however I’m needed at church, and finding ways to evangelize over a cup of coffee. There has never been a moment in my life where I didn’t absolutely know that God not only cared for me, but would take care of me and continue to have a purpose for my life. Even when I wasn’t making any money, God provided for me so that I was always able to pay my bills. When my heart was broken and my will to live was fading, God held my tears in his hand and carried me until I could stand again. There is nothing anyone could say to make me believe that God isn’t real. I’ve seen too many miracles, seen Him show up too many times, and experienced His presence so clearly that it’s not a coincedence or a drummed up, emotional experience. God is real and alive. What a blessing it is to know the God of the Universe personally. My relationship with Christ is the most precious thing I have and I want the same for you. 


Dream for the blog: I’ve never been a big dreamer. The desires I have in my heart are there because God put them there and I trust that in His timing, they’ll be fulfilled. But as far as this blog goes, I just want my experiences with God to resonate with others. I hope that my testimonies inspire, challenge, or change you. If anything, I hope my words are something you can cling to in your darkest moments and say to yourself, “If God got Claudia through it, He’ll get me through it, too.” 


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